Cache Valley Podcast Introduction – Season 01 Episode 01

Why are we doing Cache Valley Podcast?

We’re here to get the word out about things that are going on, to showcase the awesome people of cache valley, and share the rich history of Cache Valley! Basically, we love it here. This valley has got to be one of the very best places on earth. The culture here, the general feeling that you get living here, the local businesses and the hidden gems really inspired us to make this podcast. We really want to help share and grow the wonderful culture of cache valley.

Who is Bradey?

Bradey was born and raised in Cache Valley.  He lives west of Smithfield with his beautiful wife, Lacey, and his 2 sons, Mason and Korbyn. Bradey really enjoys spending time outdoors on the trail, in his yard or just soaking in the beauty of the valley.  He is the 6th of a 7 sibling family.

Who is Ryan?

Ryan grew up here and has always loved the valley He is the youngest of 5 siblings, all of which still live here! Each of them loved growing up here so much they all decided to raise a family of their own here. And Ryan is no exception to that. He met his lovely wife, Jess, in Smithfield. They were soon married, and now have to wonderful boys: Rhett and Wesley.

Ryan loves the culture of friendship, common courtesy, and general kindness here. He is also a Technology enthusiast so he’s super excited to get this podcast out there and let the world know how great Cache Valley is.

Ryan also loves to take photographs! Which works out pretty well for him, since there are beautiful places all over Cache Valley to shoot portraits or even landscape pictures.

One of Ryan’s favorite feelings is coming out of the mouth of Sardine Canyon after a long trip and seeing Cache Valley just appear before his eyes. He believes that the wonderful people that make Cache Valley what it is should be celebrated.

What to Expect from the Cache Valley Podcast

Bradey and Ryan are planning on talking about all the local events going on that seem exciting to them. There is so much to do here that goes un-noticed by a lot of people that are probably interested in them, and we want to bridge that gap! Things like farmers markets, fun events happening at the fair grounds, classes local Cache Valleyans are putting on, etc.

They also want to talk about the different businesses that were started here in Cache Valley. Places like Angie’s, Cafe Ibis, Anderson Seed and Garden, and so many more! They want to talk about real estate trends, Cache Valley’s sudden growth, the job market and other hot topics that have a direct effect on the locals.

Last (but not least) they want to talk about the rich history surrounding Cache Valley! There are so many monuments around the valley that are often walked past or overlooked. From how the valley was formed, to who settled cache valley, to what happened after the settlers got here all the way to know. If it happened here, we want to talk about it!

Events This Week

  • Gardners Market
  • Teen Thursday – Live! Candyland at the Logan Library
  • Summer Session Junior Gold Clinic – Logan River Golf Course
  • Saturday – Sept 8, 2018
    • LoToJa Classic
    • Harvest Market – Rockhill Creamery Richmond
    • US Football v. New Mexico State
    • Gardner’s Market Farm to Table – Cache County Fairgrounds
  • Tuesday Sept 11
    • Music for the Small and Tall – family Class (thatcher-Young Mansion) Family, baby and toddlers class
  • Wednesday Sept 12
    • Silicon Slopes – The state of Startups and tech in Cache Valley (Vivant Smarthome)
    • Episode 2 of the Cache Valley Podcast

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