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What’s up everybody. Welcome back to another episode of Cache Valley podcast! We hope you all had a wonderful week, and we’ve got a pretty fun episode for you today. In this one, we hiked one of the most popular trails up Logan Canyon, the Crimson Trail.

Trail Overview




The crimson trail is roughly 4.7 miles from the base of Logan Canyon. If you join this trail with the Riverside Nature Trail, it brings you in for a total of 4.4 miles. Three miles on crimson, and 1.4 on the riverside trail. The elevation change from the bottom to the top of the Crimson trail is about 1,200 feet. So it’s can get pretty steep! If you’re wanting to do this hike yourself, the trailhead is at Spring Hollow campground which is just after Third Dam.


Trail Difficulty

We are classifying this (in our most official way… so not really official) a medium difficulty trail. You can hike this one in pretty much whatever shape you’re in. It might just take you a little while longer. The hardest part is the east side of the trail. If you come from the west side and go down the east side, it’s a pretty rough patch going down, but going up is no picnic! You can just hike up and down the east side but we really prefer the loop. If that’s not something you’re into, then no worries. You can skip the hardest part of the trail.


We 100% recommend this trail to everyone! It’s really fun, and it’s super pretty. In the fall it has a ton of changing colors on the hike and offers a great view of the canyon. In spring there is so many flowers that will bloom along this trail, and just overall if you’re into nature or hiking a little bit and are around the Cache Valley area, check this trail out!

A Quick Note on the Leaves

According to the ESF (College of Environmental science and Forestry) changes in the length of daylight and changes in temperature, the leaves stop their food-making process. The chlorophyll breaks down, the green color disappears, and the yellow to orange colors become visible and give the leaves part of their fall splendor. Low temperatures above freezing will favor anthocyanin formation producing bright reds in maples. However, early frost will weaken the brilliant red color. Rainy and/or overcast days tend to increase the intensity of fall colors. The best time to enjoy the autumn color would be on a clear, dry, and cool (not freezing) day. For more info check of the ESF’s site.

Trail Questions (FATQ)

What types of things are you going to see?

A: Tons of trees, plants, and epic views of Logan Canyon. Not only does the summit of Crimson trail offer you a breathtaking view of Logan Canyon, but there are several overlook points all along the way.

Are there any animals you saw or could see on this hike?

A: There aren’t a lot of animals on this trail since it has pretty consistent traffic. Most likely if you see anything, it’ll be small wildlife such a chipmunk, or if you lucky maybe even a deer or two. However, Mountain Lions have been seen in Logan Canyon, so just be aware of that.

What is the best time of day to make this hike?

A: Like a lot of hikes, morning is the best time to take this hike. The earlier the better.

How many people did you see while on the hike?

A: We saw about 3 groups of people when we went. This is a pretty popular hike so expect to cross paths with a few people at least. Again, if you go in the morning you’re going to avoid a lot of people.

Is parking difficult to find or okay?

A: Parking is pretty easy to find. It’s right in the entrance to the Spring Hollow campground, and parking is free! There is a day use area that you have to pay to use if you want to use it before or after your hike.

Is the trail overgrown or is it maintained?

A: The trail is well maintained. We saw several places that looked like trees has recently been removed from the trail.

What’s the youngest child you take on this hike?

A:  We saw a baby that was probably around 9 months old in a baby Bjorn, but if they are walking on their own probably around 5 is the youngest we’d take.

Comparable Hikes

Wind Caves
Preston Valley – Green Canyon

Community Events

  • Thursday 13
    • USU football v Tennessee Tech
      • Maverick stadium
      • 6 pm
      • GA: $21 (but up to $124 if you want the awesome seats)
  • Friday 14
    • Summer session Jr. gold Clinic
      • 5:30pm
      • Logan River golf Course
      • $99
  • Saturday 15
    • Altra Top of Utah Marathon
      • 5 AM
      • Merillin Olsen Central Park
    • Top of Utah Merathon Relay
      • Blacksmith Fork
      • 7 AM
    • Vamp Run Hemophilia Fundraiser
      • Hemophilia = A disorder in which blood doesn’t clot normally.
      • $10 – $20
      • 8 AM
      • Elkridge Park
      • (comes with a T shirt)
    • Gardners Market
      • 9 AM
      • Cache County Courthouse
    • Harvest Market
      • 10 AM
      • Richmond UT
      • Rockhill Creamery
    • Cache County Buddy Walk
      • 10 AM
      • American West Heritage Center
      • $10 – Children
      • $15 – Adults
      • For the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation
    • Loaves and Fishes
      • 11:30 AM
      • First Presbyterian church
      • Food for those in need, and those wanting to build relationships in their community
    • Canyon Jams – Umbrella Brothers
      • Bluegrass band
      • $10
      • 6 PM
      • 2nd Dam – Logan Canyon
  • Monday 17
    • Movie Monday
      • North Logan Library
      • 6:30 PM
      • Avengers: Infinity Wars
      • Fresh Popcorn
    • Wednesday 19
      • Next podcast woot woot

that’s going to finish it up for this week. See ya next week on the Cache Valley Podcast!

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